The Best

   Devoted to You
Why we are the Best?

  • Our dedicated bridal department is at the core of this magic progression: highly skilled seamstresses - many of whom have been with us since the very early days of our London operations - work relentlessly to instil in every seam the vision our Founder and Creative Director, il Signor Nicola Donati creates for you, giving life to the ultimate silhouette and impeccable balance of chic and romance.

    Care and punctuality, our priority.
    Style and glamour, our creed.
    Pleased clients, Our reward.

  • Traditional values of a bygone era gave me the inspiration and the foundations to bring to London a much needed tailoring, alteration and after care services that are part of the Italian lifestyle and meanwhile many the options out there, it was not in existence.

    In no time I realised that I had created 'The one stop destination' for a discerning clientele: the mindful approach at the basis of how to perfect the fit of a new garment or cherish the memories of a beloved item of their wardrobe in complete keeping of my Italian heritage and yet open to the groundbreaking fashion trends that have made London the capital of style and innovation over many decades.

  • Over the many seasons devoted to elegance and beauty, I have loved looking after our many brides who have come to me for support, ideas and glamour on every and each step of the delicate progress of perfecting all the aspects of their wedding dress. And it is with immense pride that we endeavour to keep the bold promise we bestow with love and confidence: to make you the most beautiful bride.

    I look forward to meeting you in the near future,

    Faithfully yours,
    Nicola Donati,
    Founder and Creative Director

A fashion brûlée of craftmanship, charm & theatre
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