The Process

A dream come true
A joyful progression

  • Our bridal department is devoted to create a loving and stunning fit for all the brides who entrust to us their wedding dress: under the direction of our founder and art director, il Signor Nicola Donati, your wedding dress will be brought to a pitch perfect fit, during the progression of two to four fittings, to enhance your silhouette, and your dream is for us to make reality in true harmonious and most pleasurable experience, covering all aspects, from guiding you with all the accessories to befit your wedding gown and to frame your figure effortlessly - no fixed formulae.

    Our Bridal Suite is designed to host small bridal parties upon collection, to crown our time together, on the build up to your very special day.

  • First Kiss

    You are the star! Let us admire your wedding dress, assess the overall picture, accessories and discuss your ideas to allow us to guide you on all the many opportunities of this wonderful journey we are preparing to undertake together. Pins at hand, in a few steps you'll commence to see the transformation taking place: feel your wedding dress coming closer and closer to enhance your figure and complement your dreams and let your smile guide us as we further the initial consultation. Your next visits are in line with the date of your wedding, so to have all ready ideally one week before your nuptials, to ensure all is in place and yet have a margin in case we need to fine tune our work to ensure the final result is a true reflection of your dreams.

  • Magic in Progress

    Time to see - and feel - the results of our work: look at the finer details, marvel at the ultimate adjustments we will further along the process of these fittings, all to ensure that you look even more dazzling, comfortable and glowing than you have ever hoped. On the second visit we focus on the fit of the bodice of your wedding dress. Shoulder lines to be delicate and sinuous, décolleté delicately revealing, and your waist line effortlessly embracing your figure. Once all is in pitch perfect balance, we focus on the flow of your skirt, and fix the length of your gown to perfectly frame your proportions and figure to a breathless and stunning overall effect.

  • Ready to say: Yes I do!

    Last and foremost - all about you: impeccable fit, stunning proportions and unmatched glamour. You are ready to take your first steps towards the very day we have been working relentlessly and with immense passion for you. Let us take full control of your every move, and at each step, we'll guide you to always have a natural and yet chic pose. Walk again, try to master sitting down to great effect, very good! We are so proud of you, and forever grateful to have been part of making with you a memory to cherish forever.Upon prior arrangement, our Bridal Suite is designed to host small bridal parties upon collection, to crown our time together before we let you go, with champagne, scrumptious Rococo truffles and Pierre Hermé fragrant Macaroons on the build up to your very special day.

A fashion brûlée of craftmanship, charm & theatre
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