Since 1986

  • 1963

    Nicola Donati was born on 16 April in Forte dei Marmi, Italy

  • 1973

    Love at first sight: first trip to London

  • 1986

    First a/w couture collection

  • 1988

    Opening of first boutique in Forte dei Marmi, Italy

  • 1993

    Opening his first store in London

  • 1995

    Re-launch as the King of Pins from his atelier in Connaught Street

  • 2006

    Move to 51 Kinnerton St, Belgravia, 'the little yellow shop'

  • 2008

    Included in Vogue 'The Secret Address Book'

  • 2015

    Celebrate making beautiful our 4500th bride, and still passionate

  • 2016

    ND expands operations to include mindful aftercare fashion services

  • It's all about the eye...

    For over 30 years I have defined glamour in true Italian fashion. I look forward to welcoming you in our Sartoria in the heart of Belgravia, and to have the opportunity to introduce you to your Luxury Styling Retreat. Enjoy unrivalled mindful approach of fine alterations and complete aftercare services designed with you in our minds and hearts.

  • First trip to London

    The leap from Forte dei Marmi to London seem to have been written in my destiny from the early days spent surrounded by fashion. My grandfather Raoul Francesconi pioneered early ready-to-wear and by the time I was old enough to hide between cutting tables and rolls of fabric, after yet an other mischievous bout I would often take shelter in his office and would marvel at the giant black&white map of London that decorated one entire wall.

    When eventually I made it to the bank of the Thames, on the occasion of my first visit when I was only ten, I truly felt at home, and now like then, the sheer sense of being part of this amazing city feels me with joy and constant inspiration.

  • First couture collection

    The small gathering of kind ladies I managed to coerce to attend to my very first fashion show filled me with a balanced yet uncontrollable sense of call and terror. The even kinder friends who rallied to take charge of hair, make up and all the rest required to stage a fashion show seemed eerily calm: as the music stroke the first notes, a pretty girl wearing a butterfly inspired suit made her entrance in the vast Florentine drawing room and before I knew it, I faced the sweet smiles of my first eager clients. Some of them are still loyal clients and on occasions we are still altering a few favourite garments made in the first few years of my life as a Fashion Designer.

From Boutique to Sartoria

1988 saw the opening of the first Nicola Donati boutique in Forte dei Marmi. Smart holiday regulars who make the holiday resort their home for the summer enjoyed selecting their summer collection and would not hesitate to wrap up in warm coats when the winter range would arrive mid July. The London store opened early 1993 and by then a select number of independent boutiques in Italy and parts of Europe stocked my designs and accessories

Back to London, I embraced a newly found passion: tailoring. Strong of my Italian background, the fascination of traditional Savile Row bespoke tailoring offered me the opportunity to embrace a broader knowledge and soon realised that the demand for impeccable fit and glamorous lifestyle - in today's advanced ready-to-wear world - the realisation of being able to become the best fitter in the world was ripe to be taken in my hand. Our Sartoria in the heart of Belgravia has received many accolades over the decades in constant pursuit of the ultimate fashion quest, all welcome and treasured, possibly to be included in Vogue's Secret Address Book the most dear to my heart.
  • The Luxury Style Retreat

    Over the years, the range of services offered has expanded and today we are proud to launch your Luxury Fashion Retreat. A one stop fashion destination where all sides of looking after your entire wardrobe are catered for. A mindful approach to perfecting the fit of your favourite existing garments or upgrading a new item to grace your figure is the core of our enterprise.

    Fashion is what you make of it, and under our care, the experience of perfecting a hem line wants to become a memorable opportunity to discover the full potential of yourself: mirrors don't lie, and it is our prerogative to keep you at the height of your full potential and to project the image the befit you better and to keep each and every items in your wardrobe in peak conditions through our aftercare services

A fashion brûlée of craftmanship, charm & theatre
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