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  • Hand Finished Shirt Service

    Growing up, my love for London has been shaping my future here, and one of the most beguiling stories I had ever heard then was from one very smart and dapper Tuscan gentleman who always sent all his shirts to London for encompassing laundry service...... Now the same client send to us all his laundry, for him to enjoy an unsurpassed feeling of impeccable and well pressed shirts.Each shirt undergoes a meticulous prewash inspection and grading process, before cleaning.

    During the cleaning process your shirts will be lightly starched with an organic rice starch, if you prefer a slightly more robust wear, as this helps us produce a finish that will keep your shirts looking crisp yet soft to the feel. Buttons and collar stiffeners are checked and if need be, replaced by hand, meticulously matching the original stitches, all in pursuit of the ultimate crisp enjoyment of donning every time, a new shirt.

  • Choose how you like your shirts to be presented

    For travel purpose, we recommend our folded service: each shirt is tense across an acid-free board lined by soft tissue paper. Flexible feather-light bands are inserted around the neck of each shirt designed to sustain the collar, and to keep the sharp lines of the hand folded shirt tense. To minimise the creasing along the sleeves, we have perfected an innovative way to fold your shirts, before they are sealed in individual pockets.

    Lightweight boxes encase the shirts, ready to be packed in your luggage, to ensure that upon arrival they are ready to wear with full gusto.When impeccable and crease free results are what you are after, our sturdy coat hangers are lined with an acid-free shoulder board, and covered with fine tissue paper. Immaculately pressed, the shirt is buttoned, sleeves gathered at the front and held delicately together by a simple easy to remove clasp to allow to each shirt to be reinserted in your wardrobe in pristine conditions.

    Formal and dressed shirts are a speciality of our Shirt Service: stiff collars, dickey and double cuffs carefully handled and each pleat, fold and pique detail perfectly starched to offer that most important precise look much admired when attending a Black or White tie event.

  • Laundry

    As a natural progression, once you have spent your busy day wearing the beautifully fitted clothes, we would like to make sure you are embraced by impeccably laundered bed linen, pillowcases and towelling: we take great pride in entrusting your household linens to the leading family run launderers in the UK, who over many years have taken care in making Laundry matters glamorously blissful - Fit for the dreams of a King, and for all our Princess too.

    When your bed linen require to be cleaned using dry cleaning process, we are very proud to also offer GreenEarth® Dry Cleaning which uses a silicone cleaner that is not only safe on the environment, but also safe for you and your bed linens. This eco-friendly specialist dry cleaning process is ideal for bedding of a delicate nature and will clean your most treasured items gently and efficiently.

    Packaged to perfection, each set of laundry we return to you is ready to go to the bottom of your airing cupboard, so to ensure a constant flow and upkeep.


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