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  • We have gained a reputation for cleaning our customers most cherished dresses and evening wear. Our eco-friendly cleaning methods are ideal for such garments of a delicate nature and will clean your most treasured items gently and efficiently, while also being more environmentally mindset.

    It does not matter how delicate or intricate, each creation is prepared for the cleaning process with painstaking care: our expert seamstresses will remove features that could deteriorate during the cleaning process and often the most fragile garments are hand cleaned to prevent possible damage and retain the full character of your gown.

  • Wedding Dresses

    We grow extremely fond of all our brides and their entourage and so to have the opportunity to see you again, once the magic of the wedding day has settled, we are only to pleased to offer you the opportunity to assist you in taking the wedding dress back to it's pre-wedding state.

    A perfect balance of traditional hand brushed cleaning to the ultimate and most innovative solutions to bring back the full candid glow of your wedding dress are applied delicately and not rare that the use of a soft toothbrush come into play when elaborate inner corsets or fragile embroidery come into play. Like a masterpiece undergoing expert restoration, we endeavour to remove the bad stains and yet maintain the patina rich of memories of your wedding.

    Our aftercare bridal services will allow you to have the dress restored to it's original state after the dedicated bridal cleaning process has been completed, and either have it meticulously boxed in our bridal chests for future generations to cherish the memories, or ready to inspire you to create a new angle to the gown, transforming it into a unique 'new' dress for you to further the enjoyment of wearing it again - the magic continues.....

  • Once cleaned your items are then meticulously checked by our team to ensure the finish is of the highest standard, fine embroidery and accessories safely secured and finally they are beautifully packaged, looking almost as good as they will when you'll wear it again.

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